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Crypto.com Has Recently Announced The Hiring Of A New Global Head Of Growth

By Luke F - Crypto Specialist - 15-08-2021

As investing in cryptocurrency continues to grow and expand toward global adoption, we are beginning to see major crypto exchange platforms explode in popularity. Crypto.com is a prime example of crypto company success as they experienced significant growth within the last year of business.

Due to the rise in popularity of the platform, the company has had to create and fill over 1000 vacancies. To put it in perspective, the company had grown so much that it had to hire 1,500 new employees to keep up with the drastic growth within one year.

Joining the Crypto.com team alongside the new 1,500 employees is Henrik Johansson, filling the Global Head of Growth position. Johansson is seen as a good fit for the role with his many years of experience when he worked for big brands like Spotify.

The latest hire comes as the cryptocurrency trading platform continues to grow as the platform reaches over 10 million members in a year. Crypto.com has goals to achieve number 1 in as many cryptocurrency-based app rankings as possible to become the highest-ranked crypto app. The crypto exchanges plan to become the number 1 crypto app before the second half of 2021.

After the announcement that Johansson has joined Crypto.com, the new Global Head of Growth stated that he's "honoured and very excited." He further stated that since the Internet had helped global adoption for cryptocurrency, Crypto.com is at the forefront for leading the crypto community into financial breakthroughs.

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