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Crypto.com App Rise To First Place In The Google Play Store In The United States

By Luke - Bitcoin Professional - 02-11-2021

In recent news, a cryptocurrency trading platform’s mobile application has risen to the top in the United States Google Play store. Crypto.com, a popular exchange that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins, has reached the No1 status across all categories on Google Play; making it the most downloaded free mobile app in the US. Reportedly, the sudden growth and incredible achievement has come as a result of the company’s strategic marketing and advertising activities. Aside from clever and widespread marketing, Crypto.com has leveraged a growing interest in buying crypto as popularity for digital assets is greatly increasing in the United States. The bullish price rally and attractive potential rewards could be the cause of the sudden incline in users as many people want to jump in while crypto is hot. 

To put it in a different perspective, the app has become more popular than the globally known social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. In light of the recent news, it’s now more evident than ever that people are interested in investing in cryptocurrency. Despite Crypto.com rising high in first place, Coinbase is climbing up the ladder and has reached 4th place on Google Play. Even though Crypto.com has taken the spot for No1 on Google Play, Coinbase has recently just claimed first place in the US Apple store. It has since been confirmed that both Crypto.com and Coinbase had utilised advertisements to climb the ranks temporarily.

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