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Crypto-keen South Korean Travel Unicorn Sets Sights on 2021 IPO

By Ollie - Cryptocurrency Expert

A large travel company in South Korea, Yanolja, (valued at $1 billion) is hoping to release an Initial Public Offering (IPO) launch on the stock markets before 2022 for its “Crypto-keen” earners. Yanolja is the only ‘unicorn’ travel company in South Korea and currently has over 20,000 sister accommodations across the country.

The travel company has its own rewards program where you can earn Yanolja coin and convert it to trade Crypto. By integrating with the Blockchain platform, Mil.k, users can now begin to trade cryptocurrency by converting Yanolja coin for Mil.k tokens.

Since Yanolja is working with the blockchain platform MiL.k, it will enable the non-tradable reward token, Yanolja Coin, to be exchanged for Milk Coin, a mediator cryptocurrency that can be traded on crypto-asset exchanges to invest in other forms of crypto. Unlike Yanolja coin, Milk tokens are listed on several crypto exchanges. So, you can trade Milk coins to buy Bitcoin, or buy Stellar and other valuable cryptocurrencies.

Alternatively, you can also cash in your Milk coins to pay for flights through the travel company. “By participating in MiL.k Alliance, service companies will increase the utility of their reward points, which is a clear benefit for their customers,” said Jayden Jo, CEO of MiL.k Alliance. Yanolja also has more Blockchain business plans coming up while partnering with the known coin issuer Terra.

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