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Crypto for Congress: Bitcoin given to all Congressional Candidates

By Max Steadman – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

A new project has been introduced to encourage the use, understanding and adoption of digital assets among Congressional candidates. All members of Congress will receive campaign donations as a strategy to help them learn about buying and selling Bitcoin. The project is backed by numerous Congressional Blockchain Caucus members including crypto believers Darren Soto and Tom Emmer, as found on News.Bitcoin.com.

Each Member of The Congress Receiving Bitcoin Subscription

Crypto for Congress is an educational program aimed at increasing the use and familiarity of cryptocurrency assets for legislative members and active political officials.

The Chamber of Digital Commerce announced that ‘all members’ of the US Congress will be given contributions toward their campaign in Bitcoin (BTC). Currently, Congress has 535 members: 100 operate in the U.S Senate and 435 in the House of Representatives.

According to the Chamber of Digital Commerce Political Action Committee, they will deliver a $50.00 Bitcoin (BTC) contribution to all Congress representatives. A selection of learning materials will also be available and provided by the organization including public training, an online toolkit and wider resources to help initiate their direct engagements with the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Darren Soto and Tom Emmer, two key cryptocurrency supporters and members of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus are just some of the organization’s sponsors. Other recently launched initiatives include CMT Digital, Etoro, Medici Ventures, Messari and many more.     

The project aims at incentivizing an entire political class to engage and understand the move away from traditional financial systems and instead, towards understanding more about cryptocurrency trading. Tom Emmer states that this will contribute to ‘America’s leading role in the development’. In addition to this, according to the initiative’s website, ‘Now is the moment’ for Congressional Candidates to learn and embrace blockchain and decentralized technology.

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