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Crypto Enthusiasts Welcome 'Uptober' as Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Spike

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October might be emerging as a bullish month for cryptocurrency, as Bitcoin and Ethereum experienced a surprising and sudden surge in prices, liquidating more than $70 million in short positions. The unexpected jump in the values of these leading cryptocurrencies has led the crypto community to label the phenomenon as "Uptober."

Data from TradingView indicates that Bitcoin's price spiked 3% in a brief 15-minute interval, moving from $27,100 to over $28,053, before slightly retracing to settle just below the $28,000 threshold. Ethereum, known for its trusted Bitcoin alternative Ether, witnessed a similar trajectory, with its price soaring up to 4.7%, hitting $1,755, and then stabilizing around $1,727.

Such abrupt price movements have raised eyebrows within the crypto realm. Many analysts and enthusiasts attribute this sudden boost to the onset of "Uptober," a term used within the crypto portfolio circles to describe October's typical bullish stance towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Historical data from CoinGlass reinforces this notion, showing that since 2013, October has only twice ended with a negative monthly return for these digital assets.

Some crypto enthusiasts, ever vigilant in their cryptocurrency investment strategies, are speculating that insider information might be driving this upward trend. One significant development on the horizon, which could influence the crypto market positively, is the anticipated endorsement of a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Nevertheless, the majority of experts are forecasting January 2024 as the most probable timeline for such an announcement.

The recent spikes are indeed a cause for celebration for those maintaining spot and long positions in their crypto portfolio management, especially after a stagnant month. However, short sellers found themselves on the receiving end of this price surge. In just a span of two hours, short positions worth $70 million were wiped out. CoinGlass data reveals that nearly $36 million in BTC shorts and $23 million in ETH shorts were eliminated due to this unexpected price elevation.

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