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Crypto currency loan developments: Users at the centre

A crypto currency CoinLoan, a pioneer in crypto – backed lending, has added a new feature to its platform: urgent partial loan repayments. Customers who have borrowed using crypto currency assets may pay off their debts in many ways and without incurring additional costs. Current and a new costumer can gain a benefit from the interest-only arrangement. They can return as much or as little as they like in the currency that their debts are denominated in. You can buy altcoins including CoinLoan on Bittrex, Uniswap, HitBTC, BCBitcoin and Hotbit.

The crypto market investment, CoinLoan is the only crypto product provider approved in the European Union, and this is a significant step forward for crypto asset management. The functionality has been introduced to company’s web platform and it will be available in the mobile app.

Previously, CoinLoan has two options: a predetermined instalment plan or full payback early. Costumers’ desires are considered for the new strategy. It displays the company’s commitment to continuous user experience enhancement.

Comparing to other loan services, CoinLoan offers unrivalled flexibility. Most of its competitors slap hefty penalties on costumers who pay off their loans early. Borrowers may now choose how much or how little they want to pay each month without fear of incurring fines. This level of flexibility is comparable to that of bank loans, and it allows consumers to better manage their money by making partial payments.

"We are really glad to be able to give our clients this new functionality on our loan offering," stated Evgenii Zomchak, CoinLoan's Product Owner. We are always working to improve our product for the benefit of our users and the crypto community as a whole and this improvement will provide our loan customers with more repayment options. We want to provide bank-grade services to the crypto business," says the CoinLoan team, which has decades of expertise in banking and technology throughout the world.

CoinLoan is the only crypto platform with an EU license. It has a big range of features, including loans against cryptocurrencies, interest accounts with higher-than-average APY’s and exchange services. Individual and business clients will also have access to bank-level security.

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