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Crypto Capital Venture Founder Finds ADA Boring But Claims It's Still One Of The Best

By Luke - Wallet Specialist - 02-11-2021

On social media platform Twitter, Crypto Capital Venture's founder has been making quite a stir of debates. Dan Gambardello, the founder of the leading recruiting firm in the crypto space, has posted on Twitter that Cardano (ADA) is experiencing a dull period ‘right now’. Despite his negative opinions of ADA, he has further explained that Cardano is still one of the best investments. More specifically, the founder stated that Cardano is "really boring right now," stating that maybe the network is dull as the company is not doing much to progress as of lately.

Gambardello hosted a string of interesting Twitter exchanges yesterday regarding Cardano and buying ADA. Understandably, the entire community for buying and selling cryptocurrency had completely erupted into a debate frenzy. Gambardello's tweet very quickly had received 2,399 likes and 159 retweets. As mentioned before, the tweet received a lot of attention from the crypto community; some people agreed with the statement, whereas others were not too happy with the tweet. The people who agreed that Cardano's current performance is lacking had gone as far to say that Cardano is destroying dreams and meme coins are doing better.

Another account, @VariableHelix stated that the price to buy Cardano ADA is just going through a rough time. However, @NewsAsset had come forward to state that they made all of their money from when it was dull, which could mean ADA or the entire crypto market in general. @NewsAsset's tweet garnered a positive response from Gambardello stating that the user has a winning mindset.

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