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Creator of Metapurse is an Unknown Purchaser Who Invested $69 Million on Beeple's NFT

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast - Kenny

The name of the enigmatic buyer of Beeple's "The First 5000 Days" NFT Series is MetaKovan, the pseudonymous developer of the NFT Metapurse Fund.

Earlier this month, MetaKovan invested a massive $69.3 million on Beeple's digital artwork, per an official announcement by Christie's auction house. The Metapurse manager defeated Justin Sun, founder of Tron, to be the sole owner of a rare work of art. $60 million in Ethereum (ETH) and $9 million in fees, also in ETH.

Sun announced that MetaKovan had applied an additional $250,000 to his offering in the last few seconds of the two-week auction. A perhaps more surprising fact is that the initial offering was just $100.

The collection is the costliest JPG file in history, merging 5,000 artworks by Mike Winkelman (aka Beeple) made over 14 years.

It’s believed that the particular investor could be Vigner Sundaresan, who is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur for over seven years. It’s reported that when you compare audio interviews between Sundaresan and MetaKovan, you would hear the same or a very similar voice. Other similarities involve their background, where Sundaresan and MetaKoven have started their crypto career in 2013 in Canada before moving to Singapore in 2017. However, despite similarities, there has been no confirmation or concrete evidence to say MetaKoven is in fact Sundaresan.

MetaKovan, whose secret identity is still uncertain, claims that he has acquired the most important artwork of his time. He sees his NFT hitting a value of $1 billion in the future. MetaKovan has said: “This is the crown jewel, the most valuable piece of art for this generation.”

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