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COTI Launches AlphaNet Of It Block-less Blockchain, Trustchain

Currency of the Internet (COTI) has announced the launch of the Trustchain protocol Alphnet through their Twitter. The protocol is said to be the first Direct Acrylic Graph (DAG) optimised for decentralised payment networks, enterprises, merchants, developers, governments and stable coins. More stable coins are entering the market as more individuals and companies buy cryptocurrency and its popularity increases. Stable coin mechanics will try to prevent fluctuations and make it more likely to be accepted as a form of payment. 

The COTI platform implements layers of infrastructure, services and applications to support other services. At the core of the infrastructure is COTI’s Trustchain. The Trustchain is a consensus algorithm based on machine learning. This reduces transaction costs and can increase processing speeds by using a trust score system which allocates and clusters transactions into chains depending on the score. The higher the score the quicker the processing time.

COTI utilises a unique Proof of Trust (PoT) hashing algorithm to establish trust between strangers. Creating trust is a major necessity of internet companies which can stifle crypto buying. The PoT consists of multiple hashing algorithms that operates in a chain able to prevent network spamming and incentivises network participation.

The clusters created manage scalability using parallel source selection and transaction confirmations which considers COTI Trust Scores. The system also has double spend prevention nodes which require the signature of the node before a transaction is confirmed increasing security. The COTI network provides users with buyer-seller protection in which users can chargeback a transaction. If fraud or another dispute occurs when using the COTI network to buy cryptocurrency the user will have greater protection.

COTI is a third generation blockchain improving on the short comings of current older generations. They are hoping their blockchain designed to support specific services will be widely adopted.

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