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Concordium and Swvl Collaborate to Upgrade Mass Transit Travel Experience via Blockchain Solutions

By Mark L - Crypto Broker - 27-07-2021

A company well-known for being one of the leading blockchain technology companies, and a Dubai-based mass transit supplier have confirmed their intended collaboration. Concordium and Swvl have come together with plans to build and create a new system for larger franchise transport companies. The partnership could prove to make a revolutionary and more efficient way mass transit companies operate.

Swvl is a shared mobility solutions and mass transport start-up based in Dubai. Swvl is known worldwide for providing a more affordable and partially private transportation alternative for the public.

Swvl, aside from making transportation more affordable, also promise a more secure, efficient, and ecologically responsible service to consumers. The company have an app where customers schedule rides and access high-quality private buses and vans. The modes of transportation offer both fixed and semi-fixed routes, stations, times, and pricing.

Concordium is a proof-of-stake blockchain network that strives to become a fully decentralised blockchain platform. The company will help build a platform with blockchain technology to help improve Swvl's public transport travel experience. 

The new designated platform that Concordium creates is designed to support the various difficulties within mass transportation while also boosting Swvl's efforts toward decarbonisation and green mobility. The platform is also meant to provide extra support with Swvl's dynamic routing capabilities, which helps to make trips more affordable and efficient. 

The added blockchain technology further enables Swvl to build better interactions with its customers through strengthened monitoring of drivers and performance tracking. Customer trust-building and satisfaction are also amplified with added efficiency and quality of service, making Swvl trips even safer and more reliable.

The collaboration with Concordium's distinct blockchain technology with Swvl's cutting-edge mobility platform has formed what looks to be a seamless commuting experience. The partnership has promise to transform mass transit on a worldwide scale.

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