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CoinStats to Launch Guaranteed Mobile Hardware-Rooted Crypto Wallet

By Jamie Green – Cryptocurrency Investor

The US cryptocurrency analysis and research firm, CoinStats have announced the upcoming launch of a hardware-rooted mobile wallet on the 1st March 2019. The software is being developed in collaboration with SignKeys, a leader in cybersecurity, blockchain, financial services and Telecommunications. CoinStats can be used to monitor the markets to determine where to buy Bitcoin.

CoinStats currently manages $5bn in crypto portfolios from 500,000 active users that will have first access to the new wallet. These users actively sell and buy crypto using the platform but have need to use an external wallet to store their coins. This wallet is scheduled for release on iOS and Android and will also be CoinStats official secure wallet with integration with the CoinStats app. Users will gain access to track their cryptocurrency assets and make transactions directly in the app.

The wallet software is built upon military grade security that uses a specially licensed hardware-based environment. Due to this level of security, SignKeys and CoinStats can offer a guarantee when using this wallet which no other provider has been able to do. Those that buy cryptocurrency can store them in this wallet for added security and peace of mind. This environment is already available on 1.6bn existing smartphones making is widely accessible.

The guarantee provided by SignKeys covers the full value of the cryptocurrency assets in a user’s wallets, up to ten times the value of KEYS tokens that’s held. This means that for every $10 of KEYS tokens held, a user has coverage of up to $100 for the crypto held in the wallet. Though this is available to all users, there’s still a need for buying crypto for the tokens to be eligible for the coverage. The user would also need to hold KEYS tokens for the entire duration they buy and sell cryptocurrency using this wallet.

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