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CoinDCX, India's Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Celebrating Its Third Anniversary

By Luke F - Bitcoin Enthusiast - 24/03/2021


CoinDCX revealed today that it is celebrating its third anniversary and more importantly, sharing it with their community. CoinDCX is among India's largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

CoinDCX began providing cryptocurrency trading and exchange services three years ago. The Reserve Bank of India, or RBI for short, announced a banking ban for cryptocurrency and related entities around the same time. During this period, the crypto industry in India was in desperate need of a drastic change.

CoinDCX was on a mission and dedicated to 'Cryptocurrency Adoption’.  The platform’s commitment was also fuelled with their passion to blockchain and user support, keeping the company’s services in demand throughout the year.

CoinDCX officially announced the launch of CoinDCX Go earlier this year; a future Bitcoin (BTC) app through which users can buy Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies with a single click. CoinDCX Go offers a quick and straightforward way to begin investing in cryptocurrencies. The platform also provides a forum for all new participants to dive straight into investing in cryptocurrency while eliminating all possible barriers. Any consumer can now invest in the fastest-growing asset class in the world.

Furthermore, the CoinDCX Go app provides users with instant access to their cryptocurrency. In the past, the Indian government intended to outlaw all private cryptocurrencies in the country. As a result, many Indian investors asked the government to enact legal regulations.

In this manner, both governments and private crypto companies will contribute to the development of a strong crypto culture.

Since capturing the attention of investors in 2017, Bitcoin has shown a strong potential for being the future of investing. Furthermore, India has re-embraced Bitcoin investing after the Supreme Court overturned the RBI's investment ban.

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