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Coinbase New Listing: Algorand (ALGO)

By Luke Flowers – Crptocurrency Broker

As of today, Algorand (ALGO) coin can be found listed on Coinbase and its Android and iOS mobile Apps. Users of the Coinbase platforms now have the option to sell, buy, send, convert, store, or receive ALGO. ALGO is available for trading in all the regions supported by Coinbase.

What is Algorand (ALGO):

Algorand was founded by the famous Turing award winner and cryptographer, Mr. Silvio Micali. The newly developed Algorand prototocol claims to address and solve some of the technical barriers facing the current infrastructure of the blockchain. These, in particular, include improving scalability, security, and decentralization.

With its launch in June 2019, Algorand started providing a framework for existing businesses and new projects to function on a global scale in the emergence of a decentralized economy. The network operates a proof-of-stake and permissionless protocol, enabling open participation and the ability to finalise payments, key attributes for building of scalable blockchain.

In August 2019, ALGO began trading on Coinbase Pro, in correlation with their announcmenet to support the trading of GBP and EUR with ALGO on 21st July. Coinbase Custody also supports ALGO for its staking and storage.

Coinbase receives a lot of requests from its vast clientele, one of them being able to sell and buy altcoins from a larger selection of cryptocurrencies on the platform. They also declared a modified process for the listing of new assets, shaped in part to increase the addition of more cryptocurrencies. Currently, Coinbase are also working on developing new tools for helping people explore and understand the cryptocurrency space, including new learning materials on their website, as well as online forums to share and answer questions.

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