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Coinbase engineer To Join Moralis Project

By Mark - Cryptocurrency Dealer - 02-12-2021

In recent news, an engineer from the cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase is now joining Moralis as a senior technical adviser. According to the Moralis project, the company is hoping that Craig Hammel, Coinbase engineer, can add his knowledge and expertise. Moralis is a decentralised application (DApp) platform that is aiming to further expand its network by integrating other blockchains. Craig Hammel will be participating in this project to help the platform begin adding more blockchains to improve its ecosystem.

Craig Hammel is one of Coinbase’s first technical hires and has moved to the Moralis Project to help them grow. Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms seeing millions of investors trade, sell, and buy cryptocurrency each day. Hammel will also utilise his expertise and tools in mobile application and gaming engines in order to speed up the development of the project.

Reportedly, hiring Hammel to the project comes shortly after Moralis had gained $13.4 million in a seed funding round. The DApp platform is using the money to develop a friendly user interface which will be released to a wide audience. The interface will also help fuel product development. Now with the help of Craig Hammel, Moralis will be able to build a high performing Web3 development which has the potential to be a significant product in the cryptocurrency industry. Hammel has since agreed that he can help the Moralis Project create the next best Web3 technology platform making the initiatives success confirmed.

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