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Chiru Labs Expands Azuki NFT Universe with 20,000 New Elementals

CJ - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

Chiru Labs, the innovative NFT crypto project, has launched 20,000 new Azuki Elementals, significantly expanding the captivating Azuki NFT universe. This exciting development presents both current and new collectors with unparalleled opportunities to engage with the vibrant Azuki community. In a gesture of appreciation, half of the newly minted Elementals have been airdropped to existing Azuki holders, enhancing the value of their collections and fostering inclusivity within the community.

For those who missed out on the airdrop, the remaining Elementals will be available through a Dutch auction, starting at 2 ETH (approximately $3,750) per token. This accessible pricing ensures that enthusiasts have a chance to own a piece of the Azuki NFT universe. Current Azuki NFT coins owners will have a 20-minute preferential pre-sale period, allowing them to secure their desired Elementals before the general public. Additionally, Beanz NFT owners will enjoy a 10-minute head start, adding an element of exclusivity to their acquisition of the coveted Elementals.

The Elementals collection draws inspiration from the four classical elements—fire, water, earth, and lightning—each representing a unique kingdom within the Azuki NFT universe. This thematic approach adds depth and narrative to the collection, captivating collectors with its immersive storytelling. The success of Azuki NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is evident as they achieved remarkable sales figures, surpassing $29 million within minutes of their launch. This meteoric rise in value underscores the strong demand and investor interest in the Azuki NFT ecosystem, solidifying its position as a prominent player in the NFT market space.

With the expansion of the Azuki NFT universe through the introduction of 20,000 new Elementals, collectors and enthusiasts can anticipate an exhilarating journey filled with exploration, creativity, and the potential for remarkable growth. The future of Azuki NFTs looks promising, and with each new release, the Azuki community continues to flourish. Join the Azuki revolution and embark on a unique NFT experience like no other.

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