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Chia Network To Support Climate Change Metric System 

By Tyler S - Cryptocurrency Specialist - 12-11-2021


An eco-friendly blockchain platform, the Chia Network (XCH), is currently providing support to tackle climate change. The Chia Network is supporting the Costa Rican government by helping them with their metric system. According to the platform, the country's national climate change metrics system will integrate Chia's blockchain technology. The integrated technology will help the system develop an open-source software platform that will accelerate climate inventory improvement.

The Chia Network was built by the same person who created BitTorrent – a platform that gives users access to file-sharing, Bram Cohen. Chia is a layer-1 blockchain platform that uses a Proof-of-Space-and-Time (PoST) consensus. Chia has a native cryptocurrency, XCH, which is used to reward Chia "farmers" for participation within the network. Many crypto enthusiasts buy XCH for its fast transaction times. Other investors buy Chia XCH to be able to interact with any applications within the network. Reportedly, XCH is available at many popular cryptocurrency trading platforms, with prices sitting at around $164 as of writing.

According to Chia, the new integrated open-source platform will be made accessible to other countries without any usage fees. The Chia-based climate metric platform will effectively record and manage climate registry and carbon inventory. 

The initial metric system platform used for gaining intel regarding climate change was created in 2018 and dubbed SINAMECC. In an announcement, the minister of Environment and Energy of the country, Andrea Meza Murillo, had stated that the Chia integration is a significant step forward to reach for a more "robust, transparent cooperation" to tackle climate change. According to Chia, partnering with the Costa Rican government for the climate change project will help the progression toward solving global warming. In a recent announcement

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