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Charles Hoskinson Criticizes the Block's mocking Reporting

Dave - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

Charles Hoskinson, the well-known creator of the Cardano blockchain, has reacted angrily to The Block's coverage of the Vasil update. The software entrepreneur comments on a recent piece from The Block headed, "Cardano's Vasil update triggers after a 3-month wait," saying, "It's interesting to me to see the passive aggression in some of the headlines."

Hoskinson notes in his most recent post that "we've recently reached a significant milestone that required cooperation and testing from individuals and businesses throughout the world, yet the news item is "three-month delay," adding that journalists "always tell you who they are."

However, it is true that the Vasil upgrade's many delays were one of its contentious parts. Hoskinson even published a video on the hold-ups earlier in August. He asserted at the time that Vasil was the most ambitious update to date because it called for modifications to the consensus mechanism and the Plutus programming language. This resulted in more stringent testing requirements compared to earlier versions, which caused problems.

It's interesting to note that Hoskinson has previously encountered journalists. He previously got into a spat with cryptocurrency writer Laura Shin about how she depicted him in the Cryptopians, a non-fiction history of Ethereum's growth. This argument was Shin's contention that Hoskinson's doctorate was a forgery. Using Cardano's hard fork combinator (HFC) methodology, the much-anticipated Vasil update is anticipated to bring about significant benefits. Vasil is also anticipated to improve network performance through increased throughput, improved script efficiency, and decreased block transmission delay. The cryptocurrency community, particularly the Cardano community, is keen to see how this upgrade will affect the network and the price of ADA.

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