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Chainlink Integrates BarnBridge Protocol

By Ollie H - Cryptocurrency expert - 30-07-2021

A protocol that allows its users to hedge factors through tokenizing risk exposure, BarnBridge (BOND) is reportedly integrating with Chainlink (LINK). According to the protocol's Twitter, the initiative had made an announcement to its user base that they are collaborating with blockchain oracle Chainlink. More specifically, the project will be integrating with the Chainlink Keeper Network. The network provides smart contracts to support Keeper nodes within the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem.

The tokenized protocol reportedly aims to reduce the risk within the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) industry. Some risks BarnBridge looks to solve are inflation risk, market price risk, and cash-flow volatility risk. The native token where investors can buy BarnBridge BOND is an ERC-20 token that's used for staking and governance on the BarnBridge platform. People looking to invest in BOND can find it in some popular crypto brokers.

BarnBridge is able to surpass its own smart contact limits, by doing this, the protocol can find the triggers to produce more efficiency. BarnBridge's efficiency boost means the company can offer what they dubbed as the "SMART Exposure." According to the protocol company, the SMART Exposure project will support investors by giving them an easier route in order to gain a predetermined exposure ratio to an asset pairing.

For added affordability, the project is controlled by a cost-effective mechanism known as a novel. Once the protocol is integrated into the Chainlink Keeper Network, BarnBridge will be able to leverage it so it can produce automation within the rebalancing feature.

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