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Centrifuge and Aave Protocols to support the release of The Real World Asset (RWA) Market

By Mark – Bitcoin Specialist - 30/12/2021

The network constructed with Centrifuge and Aave Protocol technologies, Real World Asset (RWA), has been launched. RWA became the first diverse real world asset market on the Aave Protocol as a result of this, creating diverse crypto market investment options for participants.

Furthermore, the RWA Market is launched with seven pools and is now accepting USDC deposits from liquidity providers. All of this is made possible by the Aave Protocol's blockchain, which allows for the formation of a market where users may borrow tokens in exchange for collateral. Interest rates will be determined by how much of the market is used.

END Labs has collaborated with RWA Market. It allows companies to use cryptocurrency trading to fund tokenised Real Estate Bridge Loans, Trade Receivables, Cargo & Freight Forwarding Invoices, Branded Inventory Financing, and Revenue Based Financing. Best of all, it allows consumers to diversify their portfolio with assets that are uncorrelated and stable.

The world of conventional finance (TradFi) is taking a stride towards DeFi via RWA Market. Users of the Aave Protocol who previously could only lend against crypto-native assets may now earn interest on reliable, non-crypto assets.

More cryptocurrency exchange platforms are addressing this bridge between the two financial sectors. The RWA Market, according to Lucas Vogelsang, CEO of Centrifuge, "bridges the regulated realm of TradFi to the trustless world of DeFi." It's been great to build a scalable infrastructure for safely onboarding RWA, and we're delighted to see our efforts pay off.

Centrifuge, on the other hand, is a pioneer in connecting RWA and DeFi. In April, it was the first to propose RWA as a Maker collateral. Centrifuge also use the Aave Protocol's technology to provide its issuers with an extra source of liquidity with which to diversify their capital.

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