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Caspian Partners with Blockfills to Offer Off-exchange Liquidity

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Dealer

Caspian, the technological company that supplies asset management solutions, has partnered with Blockfills to provide institutions with access to real-time pricing and great liquidity for selling Bitcoin. This is another additional to the more than 30 crypto exchanges it currently works with as portrayed through their press release.

Caspian is described as a complete asset management solution that covers the entire lifecycle of the trade. They offer Order Execution Management Systems (OEMS) which connects to all the major exchanges. Institutions will be able to utilise this one platform for crypto selling across all, saving time sourcing liquidity. Blockfills is the latest addition to this system and all this is possible through a cloud-based platform.

Further to this solution, Caspian offers Portfolio Management Systems (PMS) tracking all your data in one place. The offering allows clients to fully customise their portfolio with the amount of detail they want with additional historical data. Providing in-depth analytics, clients can filter their data to determine profit and loss over any period to help suggest the right time to sell cryptocurrency.

Blockfills has been reported as the first electronic, off exchange digital liquidity provider. They provide contentious liquidity aggregation solutions. They source this from some of the worlds largest non-bank trading institutions, matching their clients to the best price available. When there’s over 200 exchanges to choose from to sell BTC, saving time finding the best price is important

This partnership will see Blockfill bring their trading and technology experience to Caspians team hopefully provided better infrastructure for the industry.

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