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Carrefour’s Blockchain Tracking Sees Boost in Sales

By Luke Flowers – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

On Monday, Emmanuel Delerm the project manager of Carrefour’s blockchain, informed Reuters that sales had increased thanks to the blockchain ledger technology that was used to track fruit, milk, and meat from the farm to the supermarket. This could be due to people perception of the authenticity of the information.

Delerm states that blockchain tracking has especially seen great success in China, as shoppers prominently scan QR codes. This method also proved to be popular with France and Italy, as shoppers spend at least 90 seconds going through merchandise information, saving them time shopping.

Carrefour’s blockchain tracking, developed along with IBM Blockchain, enables customers to scan QR codes on grocery items using their smartphones and acquire various bits of information, including farm location, owner, date of harvest, length of transportation, packing date, as well as tips on how you can prepare it.

Delerm says:

“The pomelo [a citrus fruit] sold faster than the year before due to blockchain” sighting that easily available relevant information can help encourage buying. Perhaps other projects could encourage more crypto selling and buying with readily available information about their blockchain, companies or projects.

As per the report, Carrefour previously had blockchain information available for 20 items, including eggs, oranges, raw milk, chicken, cheese and pork. And now the French retailer plans to include 100 more items into the blockchain system, especially those that customers want reassurance for, like organic or baby items.

It has not been said whether the company will try to encourage more to buy and sell crypto by developing a native token but could be used for purchases in store. Users could buy and sell cryptocurrency and exchange this token on the markets like many other coins. The platform has the potential to provide the user with information about how much value of their purchase goes towards each intermediary in the supply chain.

This, according to Delerm, creates a ‘halo effect.’ What this means is that if a customer feels as if they can trust a single Carrefour item, they can trust other items as well.

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