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Cardano is the Second-Biggest Unicorn in the Crypto Valley

Cryptocurrency Expert - Tyler

In a new study, Cardano has become the second largest unicorn cryptocurrency in Zug’s Crypto Valley, after it failed to achieve this status last year due to its low valuation. Last year, the Cardano ADA market totalled $869 million, while this year it has risen to a whopping $40.6 billion. The analysis currently has them just behind Ethereum.

For now, the Crypto Valley of Switzerland has 11 unicorns, 5 of which have just been introduced. The Cardano Blockchain has recently become a multi-asset chain with the introduction of Mary's hard fork. This helps users to build tokens that work natively on Cardano ADA. Allowing new tokens was among the first big-purposed cases for Ethereum, sparking the 2017 multi-billion-dollar initial coin offering ICO splurge.

In the meantime, Mary is among the two hard forks required to introduce Cardano to the Goguen age. This will enable them to incorporate several decentralised services and solutions.

In addition, the top 50 companies operating in the world's largest crypto trading centre have a combined valuation of more or less $255 billion. They also obtained $3.7 billion in financing from shareholders at the end of February 2021. In the light of these facts, Crypto Valley, that also involves Liechtenstein, now has 960 businesses.

Despite the current threats of the global pandemic, companies have raised their overall number of workers to 5180 Cryptocurrency brokers with custodian Bitcoin service provider, Suisse, remaining the top employer of Crypto Valley.

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