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Cardano And VeChain Shows Bullish Signs

By Tyler S - Cryptocurrency expert - 03-08-2021

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Most of the year has seen substantial all-time highs and equal market falls. After the crackdown in China in the second quarter of the year, crypto market investments have constantly threatened to make a speedy recovery. As of writing, the push for exponential growth in crypto has yet to waver as Bitcoin (BTC) leads the way out of the market crash. 

While BTC is only one of the crypto coins to watch amongst recent bullish trends, other altcoins display similar patterns. However, the bull run doesn't seem to apply to all altcoins as some have remained static during other explosive price increases. 

Many investors and analysts have taken to the social media platform Twitter, to discuss the current incline in the market. One particular trader, Michael Van De Poppe, tweeted about the continuous "good signals" the market is showing for two popular altcoins. Cardano (ADA) and VeChain (VET) have been showing potential signs, as both cryptocurrencies are gradually moving up in price each day.

Reportedly, Cardano and VeChain have been on a constant rise since July 21, 2021. The current price to buy Cardano is $1.33, which is a 3% rise from yesterday. VeChain, on the other hand, is trading at $0.085 with a 1.3% increase. The trader made two tweets to showcase the growth in the coins. Michael's first tweet contained a chart showing the price of Cardano in the last year, while the second tweet was a chart depicting the whole year for VeChain. The trader firmly believes that the two coins are heading in the same direction with plans only to move forward and up.

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