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Issue 4                                                   March 2019

Welcome back to the BC Bitcoin monthly newsletter! Every month we shall be bringing you some of the latest news going on in the Crypto space from the movement of the top coins to some of the most influential events. Bytes of the Month will also be brought to you in PDF version to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the latest news!

BC Bitcoin Monthly Crypto Giveaway!

Congratulations to @Boldieman the winner of our 25,000 BitTorrent (BTT) February giveaway! A big thank you to all those who entered.

Keep an eye out for our next giveaway through Twitter for a chance to win 500 Stellar XLM! If you would like to be in with a chance of winning, simply follow us on Twitter @bc_bitcoin, like our BC Bitcoin Facebook page or Like/Retweet our giveaway and content!

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*All Values Taken from the 07.02.2019 @ 12:00pm & Excludes Stablecoins.

*Excluding Daily Trading Volumes of Under £250,000.

BC Bitcoin News

Cold Storage

You can find new coin guides on some of the major cryptocurrencies to get yourself familiar with the development teams and what these projects and coins are trying to achieve.

New additions to our Coin Guide:

Syscoin (SYS)

Bitcoin (BTC)

Peercoin (PPC)

Nexus (NXS)

Head on over to take yourself through the basics and more advanced statistical information on these Cryptocurrencies. We will be adding new additions to our ‘Coin Guide’ to provide ongoing guidance so make sure you check back in regularly.

New Coin Listing

BC Bitcoin are excited to announce the listing of the following coins to our platform:

Syscoin (SYS)

Peercoin (PPC)

You can find these coins by heading over to our ‘Buy Coins’ tab so don’t forget to check these out!

Top News of the Month

My Ether Wallet Version 5

The popular Ethereum blockchain portal, MyEtherWallet (MEW), has released version five of its new interface. The portal has undergone a complete redesign for a renewed focus on providing a great user experience. MEW has been known to favour those who are adept with the technology and not very inviting for an unexperienced user. These changes are to help drive adoption. You can find more information by heading over to our ‘Articles’ section under ‘Useful Links’ through our platform.

NASDAQ to Release Cryptocurrency Indices

NASDAQ, the second largest stock market, is reportedly to release Cryptocurrency indices using data from the firm Brave New Coin. Indices for both Bitcoin and Ethereum will become available first tracking real-time data every 30 seconds with potentially more in the future. Many see progression from major institutions like this as major milestones for the legitimacy of the industry. You are able to find more information on NASDAQ’s indices by heading over to our ‘Articles’ section.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance’s Token Task Force

With hundreds of different tokens entering the market, it has become imperative to track and review new developments. To address and help determine the nature of these projects, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) has create a ‘Token Task Force’. This task force will be assigned with looking at the specifications for tokens that run on the Ethereum network such as ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-223 tokens. This will help standardise the specification and procedure for tokenisation and reduce those not ready for trading. Head over to our platform’s ‘Articles’ section under ‘Useful Links’ to follow this development further.

Hana Bank Files 46 Patents

The largest Foreign Exchange (FX) bank in South Korea, KEB Hana bank, has filled & completed 46 blockchain related patent applications. This is one of the largest disclosures of blockchain Intellectual Property (IP) and shows that the bank is keen on using the technology. The patents range a variety of services from methods and systems for purchasing overseas products to methods and systems for providing Digital Assets using blockchain technology. The bank does not currently deal in cryptocurrencies but have not ruled this out and the patents suggest to possibility to buy and sell cryptocurrency or the storage of assets with the bank in the future.

Bitmain’s New 7nm ASIC Chips

Giant Chinese computer chip manufacturer, Bitmain Technologies Limited, have created a new 7 Nano Meter(nm) ASIC chip. The chip has been developed to achieve new levels of performance with greater energy-efficiency, specific for those using the SHA256 hashing algorithm. In a highly competitive sector, many individuals are trying to reduce expenses and maximise their profits. These chips will provide greater computing power to previous at a reduced cost of energy to achieve the same result, helping increase profit margins. Head over to our ‘Articles’ Section to read further.

JPM Coin

After Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jamie Dimon, renounced his interest of the crypto markets back in 2017, JP Morgan are now developing their own cryptocurrency. The coin is to be called the JPM coin for use on a private blockchain which only selected institution will have access. Introduced initially for international payments to alleviate deficiencies in the current system, JP Morgan have expressed their interest to use JPM for instant settlement of securities transactions. Though the coin will not be available at any individual level, the firm have not ruled this out further along its development. You can find an article on our site providing more details on the topic under our ‘Articles’ section.

Bank of Japan - CBDC

Central banks have been researching Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) for some time and the latest to release their findings is from the Bank of Japan (BoJ). The paper describes the possible benefits and consequences of releasing a CBDC such as the impacts on payment efficiencies, liquidity crisis, intermediation for bank funds and the transition mechanisms of monetary policy. You can find a link to the BoJ’s Digital Innovation, Data Revolution and Central Bank Digital Currency paper through our ‘Articles’ sections on our site.

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