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Business School Has Enabled Crypto Payments

By Max - Bitcoin Specialist - 31-10-2021

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In recent news for global crypto adoption, the university of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School is now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. The decision for the business school to start investing in cryptocurrency payment options came as they brought out a new course on blockchain technology and crypto. Wharton is not only one of the top business schools in America, but it's also the first collegiate business school worldwide. Notable students and attendees of Wharton are Sundar Pichai, Warren Buffett, and Elon Musk. Musk, CEO of electric automobile company Tesla, is also famously known for buying Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE). 

Recently, Wharton has integrated Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) payment gateways into the school’s system. The integrations are all part of the business school’s new courses that are now available. The course dubbed “Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets” is a six-week course that is online only. Reportedly, when taking the course, students will be identifying use cases for blockchain technology and digital assets. Some digital assets include crypto, NFTs, and CBDCs. Students will also learn to know the costs and benefits when using blockchain compared to other technologies currently available. Furthermore, the course teaches what are the basic value driver for crypto market investments and analyse it by looking at utility, governance, and staking tokens. In another week, students will have to show why regulation in the crypto industry is important and how blockchain companies can operate legally.

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