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Brave Browser’s Content Monetisation Model Surpasses 10 Million Downloads

Brave Software recently tweeted that its web browser for revolutionising content monetisation has reached ten million downloads through the Google Play Store. The company has doubled the number of users since May of this year.

Brave is an ad blocking browser that rewards its users with its own Basic Attention Token (BAT) for both readers and content publishers. The model is dependent on advertising revenue, tracking of user behaviour and the sale of user data. Users can earn BAT through the browser by watching ad content and then sell this crypto for cash.  

The Brave project had a successful ICO raising $36 million in just the first 30 seconds. The project is still showing substantial growth and has made some influential partnerships such as Dow Jones Media Group for premium content and YouTubers for a younger demographic.

One Youtuber involved with the project is Philip DeFranco who currently has more than six million YouTube subscribers. DeFranco has praised the project in a recent article with CNN for ‘thinking about creators, their audiences, and how to support both first’. Both the content creator and user must see benefits over the conventional system to fully adopt this model.

With the Brave browsing platform, viewers can reward content creators using BAT micropayments with the plan of these regular users also becoming rewarded for using the platform. This means a user can sell Bitcoin for BAT to reward a creator. These users will be able to choose if they would like to receive advertisement on the brave platform, accruing a portion of the advertisement revenue in the form of BAT payments.

This project has the potential to truly revolutionise content monetisation models. By rewarding the users with tokens, you are incentivising them to return to the platform to cash out crypto earned.

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