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By Aaron – Crypto Consultant - 02/01/2022

PIST TRUST, a blockchain-based digital asset management platform, and BOSAGORA have formed a commercial collaboration. BOSAGORA, a Metaverse-focused public blockchain platform, launched the MetaCity Forum in May and has since formed collaborations with potential firms like as AIITONE, BRI (Canada), IBK Securities, KB Capital, Finger, Crowdy and others to create a growing ecosystem.

The 'Global ESG Metacity Summit 2021' in collaboration with Namyangju City was hosted simultaneously at 'The Wider Agora,' a Metaverse platform built by the MetaCity Forum and at Namyangju's Jeong Yak-Yong Library. The summit drew a lot of attention from cryptocurrency trading platforms because to the presence of world-renowned IT guru Don Tapscott, who spoke as a special keynote speaker. PIST TRUST is a blockchain-based digital asset one-stop shop that securitizes digital assets and streamlines asset management services such as trusts and liquidation. It uses cross-chain technology to connect numerous blockchains to make it simple to transfer various types of virtual assets inside the platform.

Furthermore, an NFT marketplace has just been opened, where diverse works such as art, graphics, sound sources and in-game assets may be issued as NFTs to verify copyright and ownership of works and to sell them. Users can trade NFTs in the NFT Marketplace by connecting to the PIST wallet created by PIST TRUST and Metamask. If you are looking to Sell Ethereum Metamask holdings, get in touch and we will assist you further!

BOSAGORA and PIST TRUST will collaborate on the development of the NFT marketplace based on BOSAGORA Metachain under the terms of this agreement, joining the NFT marketplace through Metacity's Meta Media, based on the PIST ecosystem and providing associated services.

Inhwan Kim, president of BOSAGORA, stated "We want to try our best to establish an efficient NFT marketplace for Metacity in collaboration with various different partners from around the world, as the function of the marketplace that becomes a marketplace is crucial within Metacity."

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