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Blocktrade.com has Released a Beta of Its New Cryptocurrency Exchange

Block.one has a released a beta of their new exchange they have been working on the last year. The beta is to test the exchanges security and performance, a main objective of the project. Blocktrade will use the data generated to complete upgrades for when the platform becomes live.

Blocktrade.com applied for an MTF license under the recently implemented MiFID II framework to be a fully regulated exchange before the platform becomes live. They have a strong agenda to create a secure efficient platform.

Beta trading began with a total of five cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and XRP (Ripple). Though this is a beta, traders will be able to return to the platform to sell Ethereum or sell Bitcoin. The platform functions like a normal exchange, the orders are added to the orderbook and then matched by price utilising a multitude of APIs to create a seamless autonomous experience. Some features within the system that use APIs need authentication while others are automatic.

As a fully registered exchange, Blocktrade.com could appeal to many institutional investors looking for transparency and compliance with less risk. A lot of investment waiting to enter the market will come from institutional investors, unable to make the investment without the correct regulatory framework.

Exchanges will be subject to regulations they’ll have to adhere to. Blocktrade.com has been proactively laying the foundations for themselves for future regulations to come. Greater availability is added as more and more exchanges enter the markets. It’s becoming much easier to sell cryptocurrency or cash out Bitcoin.

The markets are showing maturity as more companies within financial technology look to be regulated.

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