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Blockchain Games May Have a Significant Impact After Apple Establishes New App Store Rules

CJ - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast 

Based on the update report from October 24, 2022, Apple made a number of adjustments to the App Store's review policies, shedding light and providing some insights into how applications that sell cryptocurrencies and non fungible tokens (NFTs) can function.

Finally, GameFi developers have information on how the App Store views cryptocurrency.

Apple published the App Store Review Guideline 3.11, which outlines what developers may and cannot do when employing crypto-related goods or services in the store.

Developers may now sell their NFT coins and provide NFT market services like minting, listing, and transferring via in-app purchases. However, the Apple Tax is still imposed on all sales and transactions. 

Other buying techniques that link players to different websites or applications are not permitted in video games. The only way to access any in-game premium NFT features is through an in-app payment; it cannot be done while using the NFTs themselves.

Simply put, this implies that Apple is shut out of any major or secondary NFT acquisition competition.

The new rules highlighted licensing keys, augmented reality markers, QR codes, cryptocurrencies, and wallets as examples of methods that are not permitted for applications and games that employ blockchain technology to unlock content or functionality. Any purchase made must be subject to Apple's supervision and tracking, and they must effectively get a commission from it. 

However, collectors who wish to display their collections need not worry too much because NFT crypto items may still be shown and seen by other people. This is presuming they don't contain any buttons, external links, or other call-to-actions that may guide users to other purchasing options to in-app purchases.

Assuming that they are only available inside nations and areas in the world where the app has the necessary licensing and authorization to deliver the services, licensed exchanges can still support crypto transmissions, leading to far more straightforward sales of any listed GameFi-related tokens.

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