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Blockchain Enters the OTC Cryptocurrency Market

One of the largest cryptocurrency wallet providers Blockchain, has reportedly opened an OTC desk. The firm currently operates Blockchain.com one of the largest cryptocurrency companies providing an easy and safe way to access crypto.

Blockchain.com currently operates in 140 countries providing aggregated data. This data can be used to monitor the markets to inform investors when to sell their Bitcoin. The company is one of the largest providers of Bitcoin wallets with over 29 million created. They have a huge user base but do not offer many services to sell crypto.

The new OTC desk will see the execution of large Bitcoin transactions from public exchanges such as Coinbase and Bittrex as is Blockchain’s ambition to attract asset managers and hedge funds to sell Bitcoin through this service.

Blockchain has further plans down the line to aid institutional investment one being a custody service. Traders that buy and sell cryptocurrency will be able to safely store their coin and tokens through Blockchain’s custody service.

Blockchain is one company at the forefront driving blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation. They hope to be able to improve the market structure and infrastructure of crypto to improve the ecosystem and increase adoption. By doing so they might be able to attract investors to sell Bitcoin through their services.

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