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Blockchain Asset Exchange Platform KuCoin Has Listed Tron (TRX)

KuCoin have added Tronix (TRX) to their digital asset exchange platform. TRX is the native token to the Tron network, an open-source protocol for the global digital entertainment industry. Users of the KuCoin exchange will now be able to buy cryptocurrency to trade for TRX. Deposits for TRX are effective immediately as buying and selling orders became available at 19:30 and 20:00 on August 28th. Withdrawals were delayed and were not available till the 30th.

TRON has been developed for users to easily and freely publish, store and create data using blockchain. The primary function of the blockchain is to store data and information from anything the creator wishes. Text information, pictures, audios and videos can all be stored with the aim of creating a healthier entertainment ecosystem online. The decentralised protocol created by TRON provides a direct link between the creator and user without the need for an intermediary. The protocol does not censor the content and returns more of the profits back to the content creator.

Publishers of content on the Tron network may not need to buy Bitcoin or other crypto as they can get rewarded. This is because TRX is able to convert this to another crypto or fiat. TRX is an Ethereum based token. Investors initially needed to buy Ethereum or Bitcoin to make an investment in the project. The utility token is used as the means to facilitate data and information sharing on the blockchain. A publisher may choose to charge for access to their content, thus a user may be required to buy crypto to send TRX for access.

The TRON ecosystem is a step in the right direction for the next phase of content publishers and the team hopes the project will become an alternative to YouTube, Twitter or Facebook.

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