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Block.one’s New Social Media Site Performs Identity Checks on Every User

By Jamie Green – Crypto Dealer

Now bots will need to think twice before they invade into the social media space of Block.one as the software company will run through the identity of every user against a government ID. Every user will therefore require government ID to sign up to the platform, which could both be a benefit and hinderance.

The company will have lots of people to verify and plan to spend heavily on marketing. In June 2018, Block.one accumulated a record of $4 billion in token sales for EOS. Each user that sought to buy EOS through the sale would have verified their identity.

Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer made the following announcement on June 1 in Washington, D.C. at Voice:

“What we’re aiming for is a truly self-sustaining economy of thoughts and ideas, where what’s good for the platform is good for the users, too.”

Block.one clarified to attendees at the unveiling on Saturday that one of the new platform’s main features is guaranteeing that every user is real and not a bot. This is a benefit to the social user and from a marketing perspective for businesses who could encourage crypto buying.

Blumer elaborated on the importance of knowing who we are interacting with and who it is we are getting information from to hold people more accountable. A user looking for a trusted Bitcoin broker, could utilise Voice to verify staff if using the platform.

However, Block.com will have to pay for each user’s identity verification, although the actual amount varies by country. But it will require government IDs.

This may be a substantial feature for Voice compared to other networks such as Twitter and Facebook, each of which has faced innumerable challenges when it comes to dealing with disinformation, abuse, and bots.

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