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Block.one Releases New Development Tool, Demux

Block.one, the group behind EOSIO, have announced a new open-source development tool Demux. The tool has been designed for the EOSIO community to simplify the complex development of ‘useable, scalable and flexible’ decentralised applications (DApps).

The Demux tool reportedly ‘draws inspiration from Facebook’s Flux Architecture pattern and Redux’. This creates a back-end infrastructure pattern for sourcing blockchain events in, allowing databases the applications are built on to be updated. Block.one has chosen to use this architecture as it allows the flexibility and speed of ‘Mongo or Postgres SQL databases’ used by developers to be verified on the blockchain.

A standard blockchain provides limited tools when querying a transaction or data. The introduction of the Demux tool allows greater insight when storing and retrieving indexed data. Developers can search, sort and filter among many other features.

The article explains how Demux off-loads storage and queries to preferred databases as blockchain events occur: ‘The chosen database is updated by Updater Functions, which deterministically process and array of action objects. The database can then be queried by your front-end DApp through a suitable API, reducing the amount of direct interaction with the blockchain’. In turn, this increases the applications efficiency lowering the amount of direct interaction with the blockchain. This will reduce application operating costs by limiting the amount of data need to be stored in RAM.

By creating this tool, Block.one is reaching out to potential developers to create DApps on their platform. We could see an increase in demand to buy EOS for these decentralised applications.

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