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Bittrex is listing new USD Trading pairs for Ethereum Classic and Ripple

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has announced plans to introduce new USD trading pairs for Ripple and Ethereum Classic as part of their phased approach. Users will now be able to make their purchase or sale of Ethereum classic or Ripple through their platform. The exchange plans to add more markets and trading pairs over an extended period, with the most recent launching on the 20th August.

Bittrex has stated they are to continue expanding their fiat markets to the most popular tokens and coins. This is to offer a comprehensive service and experience to purchase cryptocurrency with US dollars through Bittrex. The company will continue to add USD pairings for tokens for the convenience of their customers to access blockchain projects.

Bittrex is implementing a phased approach for USD pairings to analyse the systems and processes before making them accessible to qualified customers. Currently Bittrex corporate and personal account customers can apply for the USD trading pairs who live in applicable states or international regions, noting that more areas are to be included. Both corporate and personal accounts must fill out a request form to apply. Whilst the service is not available to everyone, successful applicants can use the platform to cash out crypto for USD.

The phased approach allows Bittrex to stress test their systems and provide them with enough time to fully evaluate which tokens to introduce a USD pairing with. Further to the introduction of new USD trading pair, tokens currently listed can apply for their token to be listed with USD as a trading pair. The Bittrex team invites companies with revolutionary blockchain projects to go through their application process to get a USD trading pair.

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