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Bitfinex Users Can Officially Exchange Their Custom Algo Strategies on Paper

Bitcoin Enthusiast – Kenny                                               

As per Bitfinex, users of the Honey Framework have more than tripled. Paper trading enables them to validate their plans without losing actual money.

Crypto exchange Bitfinex also launched a new feature for its algorithmic trading toolkit, enabling users to test their investment strategies without placing real funds at risk.

Bitfinex customers can now deploy the Honey System in their paper trading sub-accounts. Paper trading is a virtual exchange that helps people to practice purchasing and selling financial assets without losing actual money.

Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex, claims the paper trading function is portion of his company's attempt to modernize finance. He described that the release of paper trading within Honey Framework brings together their commitment to “making powerful trading tools more accessible to the wider community.” Ardoino further explains how this new and exciting asset would continue to further grow their “customer base to explore highly sophisticated algorithmic trading strategies.”

The idea behind the Honey Framework is to help traders and developers to build their own automated trading techniques and order styles. And now being available in both NodeJS and Python, this highly anticipated toolkit is developed to help people configure and continue to grow their crypto market knowledge.

Honey Framework is expected to increase in prominence as the crypto bull market begins to draw experienced traders and institutional investors. Digital assets are currently estimated at more than $1.7 trillion.

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