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Bitcoin To Reach Its Highly Anticipated $100,000 by the end of this Year

By Max S - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast - 06-09-2021

In recent years we have seen the price to buy Bitcoin (BTC) spike and increase time and time again, and lately it is almost guaranteed for the coin giant to hit its long-awaited goal. More and more analysts have come forward to predict $100,000 reached by the end of the year for Bitcoin investments.

On social media platform Twitter, many crypto experts, analysts and enthusiasts have taken to the platform to discuss their views on whether or not Bitcoin will in fact reach $100,000 by Christmas. One cryptocurrency expert has already tweeted his thoughts on the topic. 

PlanB (@100trillionUSD) has anticipated that the price for buying Bitcoin will in fact reach $100k in 2021. Within the published tweet, PlanB added a graphic to show the price trend of the popular crypto coin. The chart shows a clear and steady rise so far with plenty of potential for higher prices. By using the Stock to Flow (S2F) concept, the crypto expert was able to analyse and see that Bitcoin has space to rise much higher.

The Twitter user has developed quite the fan base, sporting almost 700,000 followers who depend on their analyses and predictions. PlanB has repeatedly told their follower base that all tweets should just be seen as information rather than a go-to source of advice. PlanB mentions that the S2F baseline prediction shows that the $100,000 price mark is the likeliest outcome for Bitcoin buying in 2021. The tweet even shows that $100,000 is the average price range even over the halving period.

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