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Bitcoin Might Use Space to Prevent News Censorship

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Professional

A group of developers are working on preventing governments and other prominent entities from blocking news with something that utilises the power of the Bitcoin network and orbital communication.

Bitcoin plays a big part in this because messages that are sent using satellites paired with software from Blockstream. A user would need to buy Bitcoin to send with their message which would incur a small cost. The reason for this is that not many messages can be sent due to limitations with sending messages through this medium.

Bitcoin was primarily chosen as it is censorship-resistant by design. It makes more sense to buy Bitcoin and use it instead of another payment entity that could be shut down by the same groups that are attempting to censor the messages.

There is one Bitcoin user going by the pseudonym of SafetyFirst, who has broadcast a plethora of news in a package they’ve dubbed as “BlockSat.” This is a test for “proof of news,” which name derives from the “proof of work” system used to power transactions for selling and buying Bitcoin.

The concept of this innovative medium is when the messages have aired, they will be sent around the world. Providing a user has a satellite that costs around $100, they can receive and see those messages.

SafetyFirst wrote the following in a tweet:

“The future of open access to information is happening right in-front of our eyes.”

SafetyFirst also believes that the ability to receive information without interference from any entity would be of great value in areas where the control of the news and information stifles access.

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