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Bitcoin Lightning Payments to Be Accepted in Mexican-Based Companies

By Kenny S - Cryptocurrency Speculator - 06-09-2021

We are witnessing more companies announce their acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrency trading. Over the last couple of years, businesses ranging from solo to conglomerate have been releasing their crypto news to the public; this ranges from expanding the company’s portfolio to investing in cryptocurrency to accepting it as a viable payment option.

The most common go-to cryptocurrency to both invest in and used for payment is the crypto giant Bitcoin (BTC). To date, hundreds of companies accept Bitcoin investments as a form of payment. Some of these companies include big names like BMW, Subway, Domino's Pizza, and even Virgin Galactic, to name a few.

In recent news regarding Bitcoin, a Mexican retail and banking business has announced its latest crypto adoption. Grupo Elektra, a large-scale financial services company, is releasing its latest payment function in all of Elektra's stores, allowing customers to pay with Bitcoin. The announcement came in a tweet by Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the owner of Grupo Elektra, stating that the company is providing support for the Bitcoin Lightning network.

Bitcoin's Lightning Network is a second-layer technology that enables safe, private, and near-instantaneous Bitcoin transfers. The network uses micropayment channels to expand its blockchain, which further helps to conduct transactions as efficiently as possible.

The owner of Grupo Elektra, Pliego, is the third richest person in the whole of Mexico with an impressive net worth of $15.4 billion. Pliego is very open about his support of the crypto giant Bitcoin; in November, he stated that 10% of his investments will be put into the coin.

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