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Bitcoin King of All Investments This Past Decade

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Expert

In the last decade, it seems Bitcoin has bested every other type of investment including gold, bonds, stocks, commodities and fiat currencies in terms of returns. This margin is so exponentially large that if you were to now sell Bitcoin purchased 10 years ago for $100, you could see a return of $9.2m.

Data put up by the Bank of America Securities shows Bitcoin starting out worth one dollar at the start of 2010, though its value begun lower, rising to more than $9,000 at the time of writing. By comparison, $1 of gold then would be now worth $1.34. A huge number of new users are now buying and selling Bitcoin as its popularity has skyrocket.

Since 2010, Bitcoin has accumulated profits by almost 9M% according to monitoring resource blockchain and others. Even despite its recent price drops, buying Bitcoin a decade ago still managed to dominate conventional investments classes. Although the US stock market is the most powerful on earth, $1 in US stocks at the beginning of the decade would now be valued at approximately $3.46. A Return on Investment (ROI) of 246%.

One dollar that was invested in a U.S. Treasury bond over 10 years would now be worth $2.08 during the same time period.

Gold on the other hand, which was the top commodity at the start of 2010, now amounts to $1.34 for every dollar invested in gold in 2010.

Seeing how Digital Currency Group CEO Barry Silbert was intrigued by the crypto giant’s performance, he put out a hot hashtag on Twitter #dropgold, which eventually got over 1600 retweets at the time of writing. Sentiment seems to be to be to swap out of gold and buy Bitcoin as a form of investment.

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