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Bitcoin Interest and Cryptocurrency ATM’s see a Boost in Distribution during the Global Covid Pandemic

By Max Steadman – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

The cryptocurrency landscape is solidifying more and more as it enters mainstream retail utilities. New firms and projects are introducing crypto banking platforms and infrastructures in real-world high-streets, logistics and hospitality services. Cryptocurrency mass adoption is currently dependent on retail consumers having access to trustworthy and user-friendly platforms to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Numerous business models have addressed this in a variety of ways, one of course being cryptocurrency ATMs.

Influence of the Pandemic on Cryptocurrency

ATMs are one of the simplest and fastest ways to cash out crypto: only a smart mobile phone is required to buy, sell and transfer cryptocurrencies using an ATM.

ATMs are already available in more than seventy countries with retail users now truly adjusted and comfortable when accessing this technology. Reports around ATM implementation reveals that the US currently have over 7800 ATM machines up, running and in use, followed by the UK, Austria and Canada.

As social distancing, business hours and lockdown rules evolve during the pandemic, fewer customers are leaving the house to visit their local bank branch. With this, mobile banking application downloads and other similar fintech platforms have seen a huge increase in usage, as users seek new ways to digitally pay for goods and services.

Kelta, CoinFlip, and other cryptocurrency ATM organizations expect to see and incline in their services moving forward. The future looks very promising for cryptocurrencies, as PayPal, one of the world's largest digital payment systems, reveal their decision to approve cryptocurrency transactions on their platform. This was also reported after similar fintech firms, such as Square, receive increases in the number of cryptocurrency transactions as the sector as a whole

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