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Bitcoin And Ethereum Continue to Grow As Institutions Look To Hire Cryptocurrency Specialists

By Tyler - Crypto Broker - 02-11-2021

For a long time, businesses have avoided buying crypto and gone as far as to completely ignore the digital assets with a belief that it would one day die out. However, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to turn their backs on cryptocurrency as crypto investments become massively popular. According to sources, large scale firms are looking to hire crypto experts into the Fintech business.

Reportedly, statistics shows that the demand for digital assets expertise has increased significantly to 600%. The data was taken from the LinkedIn platform to study the rise of crypto expert interest between now and last year August. The study looks at crypto-related job listings on LinkedIn, to which it discovered most of the companies were based in the US. Further statistics prove that in the last 3 years, 1,000 crypto experts have since been recruited into financial firms and US banks. As a result of the high demand for crypto talent, businesses are offering experts a more than attractive wage as they look to expand into the industry.

In fact, even traditional trading sectors are looking at investing in cryptocurrency experts, some of which include Wall Street companies. Despite Wall Street previously not having much faith in crypto assets have since turned their heads towards the volatile industry. The sudden change in attitude is due to many companies and nations looking to adopt and integrate cryptocurrency, further suggesting that crypto assets won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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