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Bitcoin and Crypto to Be Studied In Georgian Schools

By Mark L. - Cryptocurrency Expert - 13-03-2021

Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies have won another big victory. In the State of Georgia, a bill allowing for the inclusion of Bitcoin investing and blockchain research into the education of high school students has been passed.

In order to encourage students to receive well-rounded financial literacy, the Georgia House of Reps is now pushing on state schools to integrate education about investing in cryptocurrency in their classrooms. The bill, introduced by six Republican candidates, was approved early last week. It has now been submitted to the Senate for further review.

If it passes ahead, students in Grade 10 will have to go through the curriculum, which covers 16 different fields of financial literacy. In addition to conventional factors such as balance sheets, deposits, loans and tax assessments, digital assets are included in the prescribed study areas.

While the level to which classes are going to educate students about cryptocurrencies is still uncertain, the change is a big victory for the sector, marking a move towards mainstream acceptance. There is no denying that Bitcoin buying, and crypto trading is getting popular each day and could even be the new form of payment worldwide.

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