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Bitcoin and Altcoins Could Face Uncertainty

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Specialist

Just recently, Bitcoin attempted to break higher than the $10,800 resistance level but the bulls just couldn't gain any momentum and resulted in a bearish reaction that hit below $10,500. With a 4% decline experienced today, there are worries more will sell Bitcoin and the biggest crypto in the world could face further losses, even going below $10,000.

Besides that, major altcoins including XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS and Litecoin recently traded below a couple of key supports. ETH/USD traded below the USD 220 support and XRP/USD broke USD 0.32 support. More could sell XRP and Ethereum if they trade below lower levels of resistance.

Price of Bitcoin

After it failed to surpass the USD 10,800 hurdle, there was a fresh bearish reaction in the Bitcoin price. BTC/USD broke the support levels of USD 10,500 and USD 10,500 to get into a short-term bearish zone.

Ethereum Price

Following Bitcoin, Ethereum price declined more than 4%. ETH/USD had broken the key USD 220 support and had also traded below the USD 215 support. As of now, the price is reaching USD 210 support level, which if it drops further, could see more holders sell Ethereum through uncertainty.

Ripple, EOS, and Bitcoin Cash Price

The Bitcoin cash price traded beneath the USD 315 level and is now predicted to clear the USD 300 support. Don’t forget you can sell Bitcoin Cash over on our platform!

EOS has also experienced losses down more than 5% of its recent gains. There's a clear break under the $4.15 level, which would put the price at even more losses under the $4 support level.

The XRP price failed to break the $0.332 support level and fell below the key $0.32 support level. This could suggest more users may sell XRP and just cash out crypto during the volatility.

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