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Binance Smart Chain Token, Citrus, Looks To Revolutionise Gaming

By Mark - Cryptocurrency Broker - 01-12-2021


Over the last couple of years, we are seeing many aspects of the crypto industry grow exponentially in popularity. People are discovering play-to-earn games backed with decentralised blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and even the Metaverse. When buying crypto-assets, one particular cryptocurrency niche seems to be doing extraordinarily well, this would be crypto gaming tokens. Due to the rising popularity for earning cryptocurrency while playing games, the native cryptocurrencies for each game appear to be increasing steadily if not skyrocketing. Recently, regarding gaming tokens, Citrus plans to revolutionise the gaming industry.

Citrus is a token backed by cryptocurrency trading platform, Binance Smart Chain. Citrus offers the new generation of decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystem for blockchain businesses. Citrus also provides lucrative NFTs and decentralised applications (DApps) that are easy to use and accessible. Citrus already has big plans to release a cryptocurrency exchange platform along with multiple other projects such as a social media app, games, and even its own creation and design of blockchain technology. Aside from its aims to be proactive in starting new projects, the company also wishes to invest in smaller blockchain businesses with plenty of room to grow. The cryptocurrency token itself was initially designed to invest in blockchain-based games. If it wasn’t used for funding, it was uniquely used to provide battle arena games with multiplayer action. Most Citrus games were  played with either virtual reality, augmented reality, or artificial intelligence.

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