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Binance Smart Chain Receives $1 Million From AtlanticWave

By Jamie - Bitcoin Specialist - 01/12/2021

In recent news, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has received $1 Million From OpenOcean AtlanticWave. The first ever Decentralised and Centralised Finance (DeFi and CeFi) aggregator, OpenOcean was built to help investors buy cryptocurrency and other assets with the highest potential profits. Recently the company has expanded with a new AtlanticWave upgrade to help users have an overall better experience when they wish to trade crypto, NFTs, and digital assets.

The latest update helps platform users to get the most out of their returns while OpenOcean remains on top of their DEX aggregator rivals. Reportedly, in comparison to the platform’s rivals, OpenOcean Atlantic has proven to remain superior in 60% of circumstances whenever investors are swapping on cryptocurrency trading platform, Binance Smart Chain. In other studies, OpenOcean Atlantic still remains ahead of its competitors on BSC. Another aspect to mention is that OpenOcean is vastly much larger in terms of user base.

The aggregator had stated that because BSC has a great growth potential and could provide benefits to OpenOcean, they decided to invest in the cryptocurrency exchange platform. The investment from OpenOcean will come from their incentive program, AtlanticWave, along with extra help in liquidity mining and other collaborations to help expand BSC. Reportedly, the project will begin in December and then continue for about six months. The programme will be inclusive of as many BSC trading-related initiatives as possible. These areas include DeFi, DAOs, gaming, metaverses, and NFTS.

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