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Binance and Cristiano Ronaldo concur to work together in the NFT

CJ – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

Following an exclusive agreement with Binance, football legend Cristiano Ronaldo is entering the NFT space.

The association between the football player and NFT was announced by the major cryptocurrency exchange. The multi-year partnership, according to the statement, aims to leverage digital memorabilia to connect the football player with his fans. Ronaldo claimed in a video that viewers would have the chance to purchase "an iconic piece of sports history."

The Manchester United player and Binance will jointly launch a number of NFT collections during the life of the partnership, and these collections will only be offered for purchase on the Binance NFT platform. Later this year, the first batch of collectibles will be released. "My relationship with the fans is very important to me, therefore I wanted to be a part of the notion of giving cutting-edge experiences and access through this NFT platform. As much as I love the collection, I know the fans will too” stated Ronaldo.

Despite possessing one of the biggest crypto ecosystems, Binance has had trouble seizing control of the thriving NFT sector. In particular, it currently holds the title of largest cryptocurrency trading platform, surpassing rivals like Coinbase, FTX and Kraken. The second-most used blockchain after Ethereum is the Binance Smart Chain, which has over 400 different protocols developed on it.

However, the decentralized exchange run by Binance, the NFT market, with only $79 million in total trading volume, PancakeSwap is now ranked sixteenth in terms of NFT operations. Markets like OpenSea and LooksRare had trade volumes of $31.24 billion and $23.23 billion, respectively.

The company's intention to further up its efforts in the Non-Fungible Tokens business may be interpreted by the relationship with Ronaldo.

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