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Billionaire is a Big Fan of Bitcoin Investing and Hopes for Global Adoption

By Aaron T - Crypto Investor - 01-10-2021


Co-founder of equity company Thoma Bravo, Orlando Bravo, has announced that he is regularly investing in cryptocurrency, believing that Bitcoin (BTC) will see a massive rise over the next few years. Bravo has stated that he sees a significant incline to buy Bitcoin due to institutional acceptance. While expressing himself as an avid investor at CNBC's Delivering Alpha conference, the billionaire further went on to say how he cannot understand how people dislike crypto. Bravo explained that cryptocurrency is a great system that people should consider investing in and pointed out that there is no friction or centralisation when buying crypto.

The billionaire stated that younger generations want to feel more in control of their finances during the conference. Bravo's notes during the event were to suggest that buying and selling Bitcoin and altcoins will be around for lifetimes. Furthermore, Bravo spoke about the technology that backs many cryptocurrencies by stating that blockchain technology within coins such as Bitcoin provides a robust system that gives significant use cases.

Reportedly, private equity company Thoma Bravo participated in a funding round for cryptocurrency. The investment funding was a Series B round to raise $18 billion to go towards the Bitcoin exchange FTX. The co-founder revealed that he had added Bitcoin to his own investment portfolio. Bravo hodling BTC because he believes that more people will be utilising Bitcoin in the near future.

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