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Biconomy and Brainpay Join Forces to Provide Cutting-Edge Services

By Mark - Cryptocurrency Broker - 04-11-2021

A protocol designed to seamlessly connect its users to any desired decentralised application (dApp) has joined forces with a powerful payroll engine to provide new and higher quality services. Biconomy, a protocol used to bridge dApps across multiple chains, has announced its partnership with Brainpay, a payroll software provider. The two companies are working together to provide cutting edge solutions for their customers as well as provide upgraded services. Reportedly, they are also developing a new e-wallet that will be independent and open for their customers to use. 

As stated in the announcement by Biconomy, the two companies will be offering convenient services that will allow their customers that are regularly investing in cryptocurrency to merge their assets. The collaboration will significantly benefit not only individuals but also businesses globally. As buying crypto becomes a vastly growing and trending investment, Biconomy decided to push to expand “crypto-as-a-service” (CaaS). The boost for CaaS is to help grow the Biconomy ecosystem and open new doors for further success.

As previously mentioned, the partnered companies are in the world to establish an independent e-wallet. According to Biconomy, the custodial wallet allows customers to buy, trade, hold, and sell cryptocurrency. In further detail, customers can also add credit and debit cards through suitable networks connected to the wallet. Furthermore, Biconomy plan to integrate blockchain technology and business into its ecosystem alongside the e-wallets and new payment services.

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