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Baltic Fintech Summit Talks About Boomers With BTC Maxi

By Mark - Cryptocurrency Broker - 01-12-2021

Recently, the Baltic Fintech Summit had talked about cryptocurrency adoption regarding Bitcoin (BTC) Maxis and Boomers. Reportedly, there appears to be a lot of competition between the two. With Fintech adoption now spread worldwide as digital and contactless payments become mainstream, using fiat is steadily becoming a thing of the past. Despite utilising fiat currency in a digital format and turning the world cashless, using Fintech with cryptocurrency is a different operation altogether. Since buying crypto is still a relatively new concept, there are many problems that arise with it that need to be addressed. Entrepreneurial developers that build crypto market investments are having to deal with regulation laws and finding marketing strategies for mass adoption. Even though there are complications when it comes to global adoption for cryptocurrencies, tokens backed by decentralised blockchain technology provide a new structure for the traditional finance industry.

Interestingly, the Fintech industry is split up into different sectors that cater to different services and people. Occasionally, the entire industry comes together at the Baltic Fintech Summit to discuss the future of Fintech. Reportedly, the event was a success as no one, not even Rada Iukinait, CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce, expected such a large turnout. The Baltic Fintech Summit was held in Vilnius, Lithuania this year. Lithuania appears to already have positioned itself as the designated country for the Baltic Fintech. During the event, Fintech experts and leaders surprisingly began discussing the future of cryptocurrency and whether it’s time to use them in payment Fintech payment services.

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