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Australian Senator Predicts “The Future Is Blockchain”

By Luke – Bitcoin Enthusiast

With plans for an economically friendly future, Australian Liberal Senator states that Blockchain is the way forward, as detailed on Coingeek.

The Senator, Andrew Bragg, shared a list of problems that he believes the database for crypto trading can solve for the government of his home country. As an example, Blockchain is immutable and unable to change information once it has been recorded. Senator Bragg is aware of how crucial this technology is to greatly reduce fraud.

Bragg goes on to talk further about Blockchain, which is known to power buying and selling Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrency investments, saying that “it may well be the solution to one-touch government with international transactions in real time”. He also mentions how Blockchain technology can streamline regulatory processes as well, reducing administration and compliance costs, all while making both industry and regulators operate more efficiently.

In hopes for a stronger economy, The Senator believes Blockchain could be “the driver of future jobs” while campaigning for a higher adoption of the database. With another way to help the home country of the Senator of South Wales, Bragg has shared that Blockchain “will eliminate our time zone problem, which has been a problem for Australia over the long run” as Australia sets its sights on investing in Blockchain technology.

As the remaining months of Bragg’s committee close in, the final report due in April 2021 is not long away, as we wait to find out the results of a future with Blockchain.

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